Options Education

OIC103W: It's Good To Have Options

Webcast Objective:

The Options Industry Council presents a video designed to introduce investors to exchange-listed options, and to learn about what educational resources are available to help individuals make responsible investment choices.

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Who Should Take This Webcast:

Fundamental students

Webcast Duration:

51 Minutes

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Webcast Description:

Part 1: Introduction (length: 2:30 minutes)

Meet personal finance writer and commentator, Terry Savage who, along with a panel of experts, will help you become more familiar with options.

Part 2: Getting Started (length: 2:45 minutes)

This section provides a brief overview on how to incorporate options into your trading portfolio and gives an introduction to the virtual trading environment that allows an investor to practice before trading.

Part 3: Resources (length: 6:12 minutes)

Learn about the resources that are available through the Options Industry Council (OIC) including live education, website tools and phone access to options specialists.

Part 4: Call Options (length: 7: 58 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of what is a call option and learn about other basic options terminology including strikes and premium.

Part 5: LEAPS (length: 2:44 minutes)

LEAPS, or Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities, is an option product for long-term investments. This segment will define what it is and how it can be used.

Part 6: Options & Risk (length: 1:45 minutes)

Options involve risk and every investor should understand what that means before they begin trading. Terry will explain why it is important to understand the relationship between risk and reward.

Part 7: Put Options (length: 4:55 minutes)

This segment continues the overview of options terminology by discussing what is a put option and how it works.

Part 8: Q & A (length: 21:05 minutes)

Audience members pose questions to the options experts.

Part 9: ETFs (length: 1:41 minutes)

The panel explains what are options on ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds.

Some of the information presented in this video has been updated since the original taping date in 2006. OIC's website url has changed to www.OptionsEducation.org. The Help Desk is now called Investor Services. Additionally, the number of participant exchanges has grown significantly over the years.