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OIC101W : The Options Basics Webcast

Webcast Objective:

The objective of this webcast is to build a foundation for further developing the users understanding of the fundamentals of options. The user will become familiar with terminology used in the options and the basics concepts surrounding calls and puts.

Who Should Take This Webcast:

Fundamental students

Webcast Duration:

34 Minutes

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Webcast Description:

This webcast covers Options Basics and is presented by Bill Ryan, a member of our OIC Help Desk (1-888-OPTIONS). This high resolution, Flash-based webcast brings you the fundamentals of options with vivid examples, diagrams, and interactive participation. From the history of options to the basics of puts and calls, Bill Ryan engages you in a webcast unlike anything we've offered before.

Webcast Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome
  3. Why buy stocks?
  4. Terminology
  5. Options Value
  6. Puts and strategies
  7. Call options
  8. Scenarios
  9. Summary
  10. Frequently asked Questions
  11. Closing

Webcast Resources:


OIC102P: Introduction to financial Markets and options basics

OIC103P: An Exploration of Basic Options Terminology

OIC110P: Options Basics

OIC120P: Essential Options Concepts

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Webcast Disclaimer

Beginning in February 2015, the Expiration Date for monthly options was moved from Saturday to Friday. Most options that expire in a given month usually expire on the third Friday of the month.