Options Education

OIC304W: Repair & Exit Strategies

Webcast Objective:

In this webcast, OIC instructor Marty Kearney teaches you the importance of developing repair and exit strategies before you begin investing in options. You'll learn about forseeing possible outcomes, understanding your risks versus your rewards and when to utilize long and short options. He will also teach you when to do nothing and when to double up, or buy more, when stock prices decline as well as how to exit with a long call or put position at or near expiration.

Who Should Take This Webcast:

Intermediate students

Webcast Duration:

46 Minutes

Please turn off pop-up blockers before accessing this webcast.

Webcast Description:

Presented by OIC instructor Marty Kearney.

Webcast Outline:

  1. General statements and issues
  2. Stock repair strategy
  3. - What it is and when to use it

    - Advantages and disadvantages

  4. Exit Strategies
  5. - Long stock position

    - Long call or put position

    - Short call or put position

    - Short option - pin risk

  6. Concluding comments
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Webcast Disclaimer

Beginning in February 2015, the Expiration Date for monthly options was moved from Saturday to Friday. Most options that expire in a given month usually expire on the third Friday of the month.